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The Bay Area birth community and beyond is RICH with resouces, information, advocates, activists, and passion for upending and transforming our maternity care system into one that is safe for and respectful all birthing people.  

Please take a moment to check out what's here and then keep going!!

Birth Equity and Justice
Information and Resources

The UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative: 
Loads to of information, research and further links here!


National Birth Equity Collaborative:

Again, a wealth of information and resources here!

California Health Care Foundation 

Resources for
Prospective Grant Applicants
Research on Racism and Adverse Birth Outcomes (from UCSF):

There is an ever-growing body of research that shows the connection between racism and the disparity of adverse birth outcomes for BIPOC families. The following articles provide lay-friendly comprehensive overviews of this issue and the many ways in which we can tackle it to achieve birth equity. 

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